02 Apr

Laughter Is The Best Medicine | 030


Joining us today on Warrior Health is a special guest and international comedian, Mona Aburmishan. Adam and Mona talk about the profound impact laughter has on our health and well-being. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, but there is so much more to it. Did you know when a room of people are laughing together their heartbeats are synchronized? Mona would argue that comedians are modern-day philosophers that can bring people together and facilitate healing.

Mona Aburmishan’s Bio

Mona is an international comedian based in her hometown of Chicago.

She has performed, emceed, and produced comedy shows, competitions, and events in major clubs, theaters, and universities around the world. In addition to comedy, Mona is a sought-after speaker for her experience using stand-up comedy to bring joy and affinity in various socio-political topics in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Mona has a Master’s in International Development and is fluent in English, German and Arabic and performs in these languages. Having lived and worked around the world, Mona uses her global insight and homegrown Chicago-style to offer a fresh look at shifting frustration into funny.

Most notably, Mona became the first Arab and Muslim woman to perform stand-up comedy in the nation’s most prestigious institutions: Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC twice, and was the featured headliner this October 2018!

Currently, Mona is back home touring the US, having just completed her Summer tour throughout the West Bank, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. As an international producer, host and headliner Mona in less than one week performed and produced 9 shows spanning Palestine, Switzerland, and the heart of London’s thriving comedy scene. While in London, Mona was a special featured guest honoring her self-produced tour on “Islam Channel” as a thriving female Muslim in global entertainment which was broadcast to over 100 countries.

In addition to regularly performing in the US, Canada, EU, UK and the Middle East, Mona is a sought-after headliner on the African continent. Becoming a regular in the South African market, Mona just recently headlined one of the world’s top ten comedy establishments – The Cape Town Comedy Club and returns to tour the entire Sub Sharan African region again in early 2019.

As for Northern Africa and the Middle East, Mona was a featured guest on Al Bernameg” with host Dr. Bassem Youssef’s ground-breaking satirical news program (once North Africa’s version of “The Daily Show”); as well as headlined Comedy Central’s latest Season 2 and 3, Premier Comedy Central Present: Stand Up Al Waggif filmed on location in Dubai, UAE – featured throughout the Middle East and Africa. She was the first female to headline this revolutionary series produced by Viacom.

Stateside, Mona has been a regular throughout the Midwest, Northeast, South and West Coasts of US. While touring Mona always checks in with Chicago based media as a consistently featured guest on “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez” Chicago’s #1 late-night radio show WGN 720 Radio as well as a regular feature on Chicago’s #1 daytime talk show, Windy City Live!

In Chicago, Mona produces and co-produced four comedy shows throughout the region; two most notably a weekly stand-up comedy open mic “The Riff” as well as “Lil Comix” a stand up, improv and comedy production class for kids.

For more information on Mona, international press, productions, and her schedule, please visit monacomedy.com.


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