04 Apr

End The Cycle | 031


Tah and Kole:

They know personal development from top to bottom through their combined 42 years of studying human behavior. With first-hand knowledge of what it takes, they are here to guide their clients to optimal wellbeing.

25 years in emergency medicine, 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15 years in various shamanic practices, 15 years personal training and body alignment to NYC’s high-stress entrepreneurs and utilizing multiple somatic trauma/stress release modalities to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness.

They are body-obsessed and want their client to flow with the ease, pleasure, and freedom that comes in integrating WITH your body.

Whether their client is attuned to it or not, they are physically affected by the constructs they are participating in.

Tag and Kole work closely with their clients to reframe how they function. This often requires identifying and dismantling the constructs that are dysfunctional or out of alignment with where they want to be or how they want to show up in all aspects of their life.

Tag and Kole are with their clients to co-create their own constructs of who they are and how they want to perform in contrast to what you have been participating in or want to opt out of.

Tah and Kole are here to help their clients to see yourself and dream your whole body into the now. www.tahkole.com


Welcome to Warrior Health. A podcast dedicated to the education of those seeking to find a holistic approach to health and wellness. Each week Dr. Adam Splaver, M.D., will speak to his listeners about a method and blueprint that will integrate every aspect of their physical and spiritual health. Sharing this information so that you too, can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.