11 Apr

Naturally Healthy | 033


Today Adam has longtime friend and yoga expert, Miriam Amselem, in the studio to talk about living our best life. They discuss how technology today has us available 24/7, doing too much, and feeling rushed. Miriam reminds listeners there is no trophy for being the busiest and that being more focused and deliberate with our time will always get us further. Yoga is a great way to practice mindfulness and simply slow down, something we should all try.


Miriam Amselem who is the sole owner of Naturally Healthy by Miri. With a passion and focus on lifestyle transformation through nutrition, wellness, yoga, and meditation, Miriam is on a mission to help others live their best lives. Her mantra is “embrace the journey to a healthy you!” She has been featured in many media outlets including Self Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Apple News, Health Central, Yogapedia, Voyage Maimi and The Miami Herald.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and over 20 years of experience, Miriam works with her clients to customize a wellness lifestyle program which includes nutrition, stress reduction, disease prevention, alternative approaches to disease, women’s health, detoxification, and healing. Miriam specializes in educating and treating the whole individual – taking into account lifestyle needs and setting realistic goals. She’s been successful in helping clients achieve optimum well being and offers solutions to many health issues including chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, and hormonal imbalance. Yoga and Meditation has been part of Miriam’s lifestyle for over 25 years and she’s committed to teaching the ancient practice by focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Her passion for Yoga and Meditation is contagious and she loves sharing her practice with the perfect blend of balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

Miriam has combined her knowledge with her ability to connect to others and also offers mindfulness workshops, wellness retreats, corporate wellness programs, and wellness presentations. Her latest business idea is creating a supplement line for women only and eco-friendly yoga products.


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